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Light Luxury Brand

Creating the perfect handbag is hard work, finding the perfect handbag should be easy. With a curated selection of elegant designs, carefully considered details, and a variety of contemporary, versatile finishes, APHISON makes it simple and affordable to bring your dream home to life.

Smart casual, More than simple

Original Design

We craft simple yet refined pieces from quality materials to offer you handbag that will enhance your space for years to come. From finishing touches to the ease of installation, we obsess over every detail - we want you to love our handbag as much as we loved designing it.

Exquisite craftsmanship

The craftsmanship is developed and sophisticated, blending the designers' infinite inspiration and innovative creativity. Many of designer have received international attention, their artworks represent the strong personality and unique designs.

Attentive service

Our passionate attention to detail doesn't stop with our products: we take pride in offering you a seamless experience from start to finish. Our in-house, NYC-based customer support team provides enthusiastic service with order requests, returns - even installation advice - to ensure you can get the best service.

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The Founder

Drawing from her experience working in design and handbag, APHISON co-founder, Anny had a thought: buying well-designed, well-crafted handbag should not be nearly as complicated or expensive as it is. In the age of the internet, why are we buying four-figure handbags from pushy salespeople in a showroom? Instead, why not provide outstanding value by offering thoughtfully-designed goods directly to our customers?

Anny's partner, Frank, joined her in this vision, bringing to the table his expertise in marketing and business development. They cultivated a team of people, not only knowledgeable about handbag, but also well-versed in art, fashion, technology, and handbags design, lending outside perspectives on what a handbag company can and should be. Together, they are striving to surpass industry norms and to discover new ways to offer their customers exceptional product and exceptional service.